Issue 00 - 07/00/24

Bare Ruin'd Choirs, Where Late Newsletters Sang

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  • Lego
  • Untitled - Excerpt
  • Marina
  • Loh
  • Chili's
  • Wendy
  • Andrew
  • Office Chart

Pink Pony Club - Chappell Roan

Happy Pride Month! I'm obsessed with her music a normal amount and this song doesn't make me cry. Also I went to a game night recently and a friend referenced me being a lesbian like twice and I didn't correct her bc I was like wow what an honor, she thinks I'm just like Chappell Roan. (I'm not, in at least four and a half ways.)  -Marina

That's That - MF Doom

To me this song is the embodiment of "lyrical athleticism" - a term my coke dealer talked to me about extensively this week. I have written hundreds of songs and dumb little poems and I can't even begin to understand how someone did this lyrically. I think this man is a genius. Don't expect to see the recipe // until we receive the check as well as the collection fee I mean come on.  -Alex

Assassin Beetle/The Dream is Ending - The Flaming Lips

Well-hidden, seven+ minutes in to a final track that's not even included on most versions of an EP made as an unwanted companion to a credits song for a regrettable sci-fi adaptation, lies one of the most devastatingly simple and beautifully rendered couplets as an imperative for living: The dream is ending/Open your heart to me  -Dalton

Suntan - Model/Actriz

Noise should be scary sometimes! See also Crossing Guard. Kind of a mixture of Joy Division and clipping. Is that a lazy comparison? Very well then, I lazy myself.  -Walt Whitman  -Matt

First Light - Hozier

If Matt isn't already writing a whole article about this album he'd better get on that. I listened to Unreal Unearth several times a day for several months. There are no skips, only repeats. It is one of the best things ever written, objectively. Why yes, I am autistic.  -Marina

Tragedy - Damien Jurado

Haha I mean come on, am I right? (I think to anyone who is not doing well this song feels like a lantern and I want to take a bath in its weird little glow.)  -Alex

In a Big City - Titus Andronicus

Containing another favorite couplet of mine (actually part of a triplet) that I've really been feeling lately: And some of my dreams are coming true/And some of the smoke from the other room is seeping through  -Dalton

The girl, so confusing version with lorde - Charli xcx, Lorde


The Color Green: Officially owned and patented by Charli xcx

Pocahontas/Ed Norton: Google after dark

Margaritaville: Loh's camera roll (she may still sue me tho)

Booger: Booger

Football friend: Football friend

The Color Black: Officially owned and patented by Batman